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EP Basics Collection: Tone, Contrast and Colour

What's Inside:

Tone and Contrast Tutorial

  • Learn how to use Photoshop CC's Levels, Curves, Exposure, Brightness and Contrast adjustment layers to achieve tone and contrast in your landscape images
  • A brief introduction to Luminosity Masks and how to use them with adjustment layers
  • Advanced tips for those looking for something extra to take their image processing to another level
  • Demonstrations on how we incorporate all of these steps into our own digital editing workflow

Colour Management Tutorial

  • Learn how to manage colour in your landscape images using Photoshop CC's tools
  • Master the adjustment layers Colour Balance, Selective Colour and Photo Filters
  • Learn how to use Selective Colour masks and correct colour casts in your images

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  • Access over 45 minutes of video content demonstrating EP's digital processing techniques in Photoshop CC using adjustment layers to achieve tone, contrast and colour

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